When you find something that works, naturally you want to share it with others. . . just like your favorite restaurant and movie! Discovering the safe, fast and effective use of essential oils has changed our lives.


Our Introduction to using Essential oils:

"Essential oils can actually do that?" 

This was my response when I first started learning about using Essential Oils (EO) to help support my wellness goals. A friend of mine introduced me to using essential oils after I had gotten sick numerous times while teaching kindergarten.  I had tried other  "natural remedies" but found them ineffective in comparison. I was so excited about finally finding an effective alternative to synthetic options for immune support. After reading more and more about EO I decided to introduce the oils to my husband Joey, and see how they might play a role in his health. Although a little apprehensive at first, I got the okay to start drowning... I mean applying... some of the oils on him.  After he noticed a huge improvement in his sleep, we began this exciting journey together learning and experimenting with essential oils to help us achieve an informed, balanced approach to living a healthy lifestyle. Essential Oils are so much more than a plant though; they have created adventures, income, health, friends, and a greater appreciation for our lives!

I have now switch from teaching full-time kindergarten, to teaching full-time essential oils and staying at home with our son Gavin. We are so happy that you are here and are excited for you to find the same life changing benefits that we have discovered with essential oils.


Essential Oils will change your life too! Join us as we empower others in using natural solutions! We look forward to sharing more with you about Essential Oils and their healthy lifestyle benefits.  We are not doctors, so here's a quick disclaimer: Nothing on our website is meant to diagnose or cure any disease.  

We know what it is to face both minor and major health obstacles, at times listening to doctors tell you they don't have an answer.  Know there is hope. We do believe we can all be healers in our own home, taking responsibility for our health by learning about the body and how it's perfectly created. 

There is a better way. Live fully. Live free.

– Joey & Brittan Hall  


Want to discover how Essential Oils can transform your health and home? We can help!  

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